• Tell me about UMeWorld
  • UMeWorld, www.umeworld.com, (OTCQB: UMEWF) is an educational technology company with a focus on the K-12 education market in China. UMeWorld’s flagship product is UMFun.com, an online K-12 adaptive learning education platform which provides learning and educational assessment services for K-12 students. Our cloud-based, patent-pending, adaptive learning and assessment platform intelligently analyzes and adapts to a student's performance and personalizes the delivery of proprietary educational items in accordance with the student's individual learning needs.

    UMFun's off-school version is made available to Chinese K-12 students through China Mobile, the world's largest mobile service provider by network scale and subscriber base, serving over 822,906,000 customers.

    Our mission is to facilitate interaction between people - "You" and "Me" - through our UMFun online platform.

  • What makes UMFun unique?
  • UMFun, the company's K12 flagship product combines “gamification” and adaptive learning. It is a cloud-based assessment and learning analytics platform that can intelligently analyze and adapt to a student's performance and personalizes the delivery of proprietary educational items in accordance with their individual learning needs.

    When we started, “Gamification” meant playing video games. Adaptive Learning was not even a buzzword. We put the two together and the result was a deep engagement by our student subscribers. 

    UMFun allows teachers to track student performance and progress across multiple subjects. Teachers can then adjust their teaching methods in real-time and provide more in-depth instruction in areas that require improvement.

    A typical Chinese class size is comprised of 55 students; a large number of students to keep on track. With UMFun, teachers can get an insight into how each student is progressing and make strategic interventions as necessary. The time saved by being able to identify required interventions gives teachers more time to guide each student through those identified problem areas; adjusting learning to match their needs.

    UMFun is currently available on China Mobile's subscription based "AND! Education" platform in the Shanxi, Ningxia, Guangxi, Guizhou and Guangdong provinces, which services over 16,600,000 paid subscribers. Established in 2003, China Mobile's "AND! Education" K-12 subscription-based communication platform is the largest of its kind in the world, used primarily by teachers, students, parents and schools through the provinces that China Mobile services. Currently, this platform has over 90,000,000 paid subscribers system-wide and generates over US$2.1 billion in sales annually.

  • How is UMFun personalized and accelerated?
  • UMFun’s patent pending (US & China) algorithms intelligently analyze a student’s performance and personalizes the delivery of proprietary educational items to address their individual learning needs and to improve students’ performance in core skill areas:

    • Teachers can create custom formative assessments, to target improvement efforts; adjust instruction throughout the year, and develop personalized learning strategies for students struggling with a particular standard.
    • Students’ performance can be intelligently analyzed by UMFun and adapted to deliver learning items dictated by their individual needs.
    • Parents receive real-time standards based reports and progress charts.
    • School Administrators can compare student performance across classrooms or across other school districts.
    • District Administrators can use UMFun to create benchmark assessments. The results can be used to predict performance on other tests.
  • What is the size and scope of the Chinese education market?
  • The kindergarten to grade 12 (K12) educational system in China is the largest in the world, comprising approximately 210 million students. The K-12 educational system in China generated $294 billion in revenues in 2013, increasing from $150 billion in 2009 according to Frost & Sullivan. People in China spend a higher portion of their household incomes on education than people in some other Asian countries do at 30% (17% for Korea, 10% for Japan).

    UMeWorld is on track to becoming a leading educational service provider in China. Since 2015, we have served 2.52 million students, 1.32 million parents, and 380,000 teachers and we are just getting started.

    Working together with China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile phone operator by subscriber base, we are leveling the playing field for education.

  • What is UMeWorld Limited's stock symbol?
  • Our stock is traded on the OTCQB under the symbol UMEWF.

  • Where is UMeWorld Limited located?
  • Suite 1504, 15/F, Island Centre,
    1 Great George Street, Causeway Bay
    Hong Kong

  • When is UMeWorld Limited's fiscal year end?
  • September 30th

  • Who is UMeWorld Limited's transfer agent?
  • Signature Stock Transfer, Inc.
    2632 Coachlight Court
    Plano, TX 75075
    T: 972-612-4120

  • Who is UMeWorld Limited's independent auditor?
  • MaloneBailey, LLP

  • Whom can I contact for general information about UMeWorld Limited?
  • Ruby Hui
    EVP of Business & Corporate Development
    UMeWorld Limited
    E-mail: info@UMeWorld.com
    Telephone: (852) 3708-3235