UMeWorld Completes UMFun In-school Assessment Program on 500 Grade 6 Students. Paves the Way for Large-Scale Deployment

Hong Kong, China (FSCwire) - UMeWorld Limited (OTCQB:UMEWF) is very pleased to announce the successful completion of an in-school assessment program with UMFun, the Company’s cloud-based, adaptive learning and assessment platform, on five hundred Grade 6 students. This diagnostic assessment program is part of UMFun’s in-school assessment solution. The diagnostic assessment provides a concept-level assessment and evaluation of a student’s learning progress. It identifies the student’s strengths, weaknesses, their proficiency in a given subject area and assists teachers in planning for appropriate pedagogy and targeted learning to more effectively address student’s learning needs. UMeWorld is preparing to ramp up the UMFun in-school assessment solution for large-scale deployment.  

The UMFun in-school assessment solution consists of three components: diagnostic, formative, and summative. Although the three are collectively referred to simply as “assessment”, they are distinctly different:

1. Diagnostic Assessment: Diagnostic assessment helps to identify students’ current knowledge of a subject, their skill sets and capabilities, and to clarify misconceptions before teaching takes place. Knowing students’ strengths and weaknesses can help teachers to better plan what to teach and how to teach it.

2. Formative Assessment: Formative assessment provides feedback and information throughout the teaching process. It measures student progress but can also assess an instructor’s effectiveness. The primary focus of formative assessment is to identify areas that may need improvement.

3. Summative Assessment: Summative assessment takes place after the learning has been completed and provides information and feedback on the effectiveness of the overall teaching and learning process.

Successful completion of this in-school assessment program paves the way for UMFun to address an unmet educational need in China. The enormous (big) data generated by UMFun in-school assessment solution can be invaluable to education professionals at all levels. School administrators can compare student performance across classrooms or across school districts. Individual student’s performance can be tracked over their academic career. Test results for entire student populations can be compared over time. With test scores playing an increasing role in education, school districts can use formative or benchmark assessment results to predict performance on other tests.

Ruby Hui, Executive Vice President commented, “This is a very significant milestone for us in that real-time, online assessment is a critical component of the e-School Bag (1:1 eLearning) initiatives implemented by the Chinese Ministry of Education that aim to transform teaching and learning through the integration of technology in education. Delays in the creation of digital curriculum and digital content have been the biggest challenge to the e-School Bag initiatives. The UMFun in-school assessment solution has first to market advantage and the potential to become the preferred assessment solution provider and driver in e-School Bag initiatives.”

Assessment has played a major role in shaping America’s educational system for decades but, to date, such tools have not been available in China. Chinese education professionals are aware of the importance of establishing an effective assessment system. Working together with them, UMFun is positioned to play a major role in reshaping the Chinese educational system.

The kindergarten-to-grade-12 (K-12) educational system in China is the largest in the world, comprising approximately 200 million students. UMeWorld is on track to becoming a leading educational service provider in China.

About UMeWorld

UMeWorld is an internet technology company with a focus on the K-12 education market in China. UMFun, the Company’s K-12 flagship product, is a cloud based, patent-pending, adaptive learning & assessment platform that can intelligently analyze and adapt to a student’s performance and personalizes the delivery of proprietary educational items in accordance with the student’s learning needs. UMFun’s off-school version is made available to Chinese K-12 students through China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile service provider by network scale and subscriber base, serving over 801 million customers.


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